Sky Way Invest Group is an educational investment project and is the trademark of Rail Sky Way System. Expert in the field of investments, it will teach you how to save and multiply your capital, as well as show you how to choose the optimal tools for your portfolio.

While creating the brand Sky Way Invest Group, we were aiming to combine two projects: the educational investment project of Academy Private Investment and the high-tech project Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd. Absolutely every man on the planet could study the science of investing, raise the level of his personal income and become a shareholder of high-speed safe environmentally compatible transport.

We have managed to offer the best terms for the clients of both projects. Since September, 2011, at least 100,000 people from more than 35 countries and 4 continents have completed our investment training courses. All these people have opened up for themselves not only the opportunity to save their already hard-earned money, but have also learned how to make that money work for them.

Through offering you our service, we aim for long-term and transparent cooperation. Using the latest technologies, Sky Way Invest Group helps to improve the financial and investment literacy of people, raise their level of income as well as assist them accumulate their savings.

We are guided by important principles:

  1. To provide the best knowledge in the sphere of investment and investing: how to save and accumulate part of the money you’ve already earned, and also to provide the best opportunity for your rapid financial growth;
  2. To improve the financial and investment literacy of people at the educational on-line and off-line meetings, conferences and trainings, so that people could understand the science of investment: maintenance and growth of their funds;
  3. Consultations on the selection of reliable and profitable tools for your investment portfolio;
  4. Creation of investment portfolios with a guaranteed high profitability.
  5. Support and maintenance of all our clients.

The project Sky Way Invest Group is an official partner of Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd.

Our goals and objectives:

1. Realization of the plans of Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd., regarding the building of presentation facilities, and realization of future projects that will be planned by Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd.

2. Creation of stable sourcing of all SKY WAY projects.

3. Creation of conditions for those partners who want to initiate a strong business within the framework of the SKY WAY project.

4. Provide for the total automation for convenient activity of Shareholders and Partners.

5. Provide, as much as possible, the opportunity for earnings as well as the maintenance and growth of investments of our clients and partners.

Legal Information:

RSW Investment Group Ltd

Company Registration No.: 1837608

Legal address: British Virgin Islands, Tortola VG 1110, Road Town, PO BOX 2283

Registration certificates Sky Way Invest Group