Abu Dabi News

On April 14, 2015, the delegation of the group of  Sky Way companies headed by Anatoliy Yunitskiy, visited Abu Dabi (the capital the United Arab Emirates) Department of Transport to take part in the second phase of negotiations on the implementation of the string technology and transport infrastructure projects in the UAE, as well as for demonstrating the socio-economical effect of Sky Way  technology (transport, urban development, eco-agriculture).

Abu Dhabi Department of Transport was established in 2006 targeting a fully coordinated multiaspect planning in transport policy and development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in cooperation with all relevant local, regional and international stakeholders and partners. Accordingly, the mission of the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport is the regulation, planning and development of an effective and well-integrated transport system that serves the public interest by increasing mobility and providing safe, reliable and environmentally friendly services in the field of aviation, maritime transport, public transport and highways.

Following the talks, the leadership of the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport highlighted the sustainability of Sky Way transport and infrastructure technology ( the use of electric actuators, innovative motor-wheel, solar energy), as well as the ability to create a "green zone" in the desert along the string route by formatting the fertile soil using Sky Way-Agro technology.

Representatives of the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport expressed their willingness to sign an agreement on the construction by Global Transport Investments company the first section of 1 km long Sky Way linear city, which includes, in addition to the network of the city suspended string lines, about one million square meters of residential and commercial real estate in the suburbs of UAE capital.

It is expected that the selling of apartments and offices in the Sky Way tower terminals, as well as private villas in the green zone, will begin at the stage of laying the foundations, which will generate an additional influx of funding to the project.

Following the talks of the Sky Way delegation with the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport, the officials noted that in case of successful implementation of the first transport and infrastructure development project by Global Transport Investments , the state contracts for the construction of 50 km aerial highways, connecting the airport and the port of the city of Abu Dhabi will be signed.

The next round of negotiations with the municipality of Abu Dhabi and the presentation of the Sky Way linear city project will take place at the beginning of May 2015.

The meeting is scheduled to sign a cooperation agreement between Global Transport Investments and the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport.

As a result of successful implementation of this project , the Sky Way shareholders will receive one of the most liquid assets in their investment portfolio , becoming co-owners of real estate development company that owns and manages the first linear city on the coast of the Persian Gulf, where more than 70 million tourists come from all over the world.

The first Sky Way development project is designed to demonstrate the advantages of string technology and to offer the real estate market a new format of premium housing for the price of economy-class housing.

Pre-orders for the purchase of real estate in the linear city Sky Way -City will be issued by private offering, primarily for the company's shareholders, and only then - in a public offering to all comers. Sky Way shareholders will receive a double benefit: 1) dividends on shares of the company's capitalization and sales revenue, 2) the opportunity to save on the purchase of liquid real estate in the prestigious quarter of the United Arab Emirates capital.

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