Travel to Spain for account of Sky Way Invest Group

Do you want to have a holiday in Spain in May of 2015 together with the team of Sky Way Invest Group?

Do you want to enjoy an unforgettable trip to Costa Dorada?

Do you want to have an extensive training with Andrey Khovratov?

Do you want to improve your knowledge and increase your cash flows many times??

If your answer is YES, we invite you to become a member of our team and take part in the contest, which is organized by Sky Way Invest Group.

A vacation in Costa Dorada for account of Sky Way Invest Group will become a peak of the contest.

What is Costa Dorada?

Costa Dorada —is a “Golden coast” of the Spanish Mediterranean Sea, south of Barcelona. It is called “golden” for the colour of the coast: fine sand of beautiful and clean beaches, sparkling like gold placer in sea waves.

Year by year the resorts of Costa Dorada in Catalonia attract increasingly greater number of tourists: the sea is warm and not very deep here; there are more sunny days than in other resorts of Spain; long beaches are perfectly furnished, and a plenty of convenient hotels, various stores, gift shops, amusement parks, cafes, restaurants, discos and night clubs keep company for beachgoers of different age.

Family recreation is wonderful on the coast of Costa Dorada, for here it is warmer than in other adjoining resorts, and coastal waters are getting warm faster in view of a shallow depth.

Are you ready? Then go!

Terms of the contest are very simple. From December 1, 2014 till February 28, 2015 you need to:

  • Become a partner of Sky Way Invest Group
  • Become a Senior investment manager or
  • Become an Investment advisor and make a group volume of savings for this period of time equal to £7,500 or
  • Become an Investment advisor, attract 8 agents and make a group volume of savings equal to £12,500 or
  • Become an Investment advisor and attract investments equal to £12,500 personally.

We have reserved for you:

  • A hotel in Costa Dorada – the best new hotel 4*, located on the sea cost exactly, that is rare.
  • The hotel is 92 km far from the airport of Barcelona, in Reus, in the center of La Pineda. 
  • Type of meal: HB (breakfast-dinner/ buffet style) and drinks at dinner (vine-water-coffee-tea) are included. 
  • Free Wi-Fi 

  • Terms for the second person out of competition (for a pair): 250 euro.
  • Gift: under condition of two adults’ accommodation 1 child up to the age of 12 is free! (Registration of a child is required) 
  • If you don’t want to participate in the contest, but want to travel to Spain together with the team of Sky Way Invest Group – you are welcome!(Ask the provider about the terms) 

And above all else: In Costa Dorada you will have the opportunity to go to the Third Stage of Transformation Training “Life Game”

Stage 1: December 6, 2014

Stage 1, session 2: December 27, 2014

Stage 2: February of 2015

Stage 2, session 2: April of 2015

You will get:

  • incredible transformation of consciousness;
  • significant increase of financial flows;
  • extensive improvement of your knowledge and skills;
  • communication with successful people;
  • a plenty of pleasant surprises;
  • flurry of positive emotions;
  • total reload.

Should be paid separately:

  • flight
  • transfer
  • visa
  • excursions, etc.

You need to send a scan of your foreign passport for visa support to e-mail: with a remark “Costa Dorada”.

Registration is necessary

If you have any questions, contact Natalia Erdman, please.

You can buy tickets still at a low price for RF now.

See you on the golden coast of Costa Dorada!