Mission and goal

The main goal

The main goal of the Sky Way Invest Group project is the realization of the goals of Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd.: namely the building of a technological presentation site and the realization of future projects planned by Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd. For this, it is necessary that the future shareholders of the company will be financially literate in investment issues.


1) Improvement of financial and investment literacy of people;

2) To help as many people as possible to become financially self-sufficient and come to financial freedom;

3) To provide the opportunity to become a joint shareholder of the technological company RSW SYSTEMS under favourable terms;

4) Training of professional multipurpose investment advisors and investment managers in the investment business market;

5) To help a million people generate income of one million dollars, and more for the period from 2014 to 2018;

6) To ensure that 5-15% of the population of all countries (where SKY WAY technology will be represented) become shareholders of all SKY WAY technology projects. And that they will benefit accordingly and become prosperous people.

7) To maintain the integrity of the planet. One of our advanced technological goals is to put harmful industries into orbit around the earth, thus alleviating pollution and allowing the earth time to recover a healthy balanced ecosystem.

For this purpose we have provided the best opportunities for clients and those who are willing to collaborate with Sky Way Invest Group.

service and relations with clients

The main characteristic features of our relationship with our clients are: an automated acceptance of payments and client service in different languages. And for our colleagues: on-time repayment of partner reward and the creation of an automated system of bonus withdrawal. Through offering you our service, we aim for long-term and transparent cooperation. Using the latest technologies, Sky Way Invest Group helps to raise the level of financial literacy among people and also the level of their income. When creating the brand Sky Way Invest Group, our purpose was to join two projects: an educational investment project Academy Private Investment and a high-tech project Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd. The purpose of this was so that every person on this planet could study the science of investing, raise the level of his income and at the same time become a shareholder in high-speed, safe, environmentally compatible transport through the gift certificate for shares, which all our clients get after payment for the investment training courses. We have managed to offer the best terms for the clients of both projects.